Be it Apple or Microsoft Platform, the networking devices that we used/recommendation are of top branding with reliability and durability.

We do provide Small Business & Enterprise level of network solution to suit your needs.

Monitoring and Notifications.

iXiZ Technology being a Managed Service Provider, we do not just setup and deploy standalone network for our client. We managed and monitor the network so that our customer have a peace of mind focusing on their daily business operation.

Managing a network include asset management, and perform relevant updates from time to time to make sure the security and patches stay up to date. A lot of customer thinks that by having a antivirus in each machine is good enough, in fact it is just the minimal it do. Malware/virus comes in from external media or most times from internet. Having a managed network includes firewall which protects the network from Distributed Denied of Service (DDoS) Attack via Intrusion Detection and Prevention and additional layer of security protecting our client network.

Monitoring a network includes notification from us alerting customer the health status of their network. Eg: Is their network device firmware up to date? Is their endpoint protection up to date?..etc How many of users checks their anti virus everyday to see if they are up to date? Do they know if they are working as it should be? For us, we monitor our client endpoint everyday and notified customer as soon as any issue arise.

Whether Wired/Wireless Network, we are able to monitor including if they are offline/online. This is critical for customer with servers in office or offsite which require close monitoring.